Marketing Management

Led marketing team of up to 6 people (copywriters, designers) and cross-functionally with other departments(like sales, product, and customer support) to develop marketing campaigns, spending $15,000 – $20,000 a month on marketing projects.

One of our products received preferred vendor status with an international fitness brand. I was placed in charge of managing a campaign that included a case study and promotion of the case study. It consisted of some social media posts, an email nurture workflow, direct mailers, a press release, and blog content. My role was too coordinate all of the moving pieces with designers and copywriters to ensure all the content came together and was optimized for success. I instructed the designers and copywriters on what aspects were needed and once I collected those pieces I set up the elements of the campaign. The campaign proved to be one our best ever. The email nurture had an overall average of 84% open rate, 47% click rate, and 6% reply rate. The blog post had a 3% conversion rate for visitors completing the call to action (requesting a demo). Overall, the campaign generated generated 15 new customers in less than 30 days, with one of our lowest costs per customer to date.

Content Writing

Project 1440 is my personal blog where I write about productivity.

See my blog posts on The Trello Blog on subjects like morning routines, virtual networking, and weekly review processes.

Guest blog post on How to Achieve Specific Goals With Trello on the Asian Efficiency blog.

Leslie Knope’s Top Tips for Gym Owners on the Causely blog


Designed and Implemented Workflows and Processes

Created processes for marketing and sales teams and oversaw implementation of processes.

Pay Per Click Campaign

Managed $25,000 +/ month budget of digital ads for Causely.

Managed KPIs

Click here to view an example of the KPIs I tracked daily.

Managed Split Testing and Conversion Optimization

Examples of split tests that I managed. Nearly 50% resulted in positive improvements for landing page conversion rates, ad click rates, or lower cost per conversion.