The Lego Movie

So I have been wanting to write this blog post for a long time. In fact, I was just waiting for the Lego Movie to come out to Redbox so I could rent it and take detailed notes while I watched it. I did this the other night, and have taken those notes and turned … Continue reading The Lego Movie


Hey There , World.

I realized that I spend so much time blogging for other companies, it almost sort of sometimes takes the fun out of blogging and has caused me to spend less time on my own blog, which is probably not a good thing. So I figured while I have a little bit of time to relax … Continue reading Hey There , World.

YouTube… Should Professional Companies Be On There?

Recently one of my clients was a bit turned off at the idea of putting their content on YouTube. As a marketing "professional" (or studying-to-be professional at least), I always always recommends my clients be putting content on YouTube. YouTube is the world's second largest search engine, and for many of my clients, a good … Continue reading YouTube… Should Professional Companies Be On There?