It was really hard for me to come up with something that was nontraditional, because I feel like a lot of the advertisements that I see are in pretty normal spots. So, I decided to dig around and do a little research, because even though there may not be a lot of creative advertising on a college campus, I know there is in the world. After searching around, I found one form of advertising that I thought was really brilliant. Advertising through CAPTCHA phrases.

advertising in captchas
Found here at BusinessInsider

For those of you who don’t know what CAPTCHAs are… then you’re probably not reading my blog, because anyone who has spent much time online and filled out forms online has probably had some experience with those little boxes that say, “Prove that you’re human” or “We want to make sure you’re not a robot!” I’ll be darned if those boxes aren’t the most cryptic little codes ever. It asks you type the letters and numbers in the box. But really, they’re so hard to read that it takes me about five tries to get it right most of the time. But, as you can see in the picture…what about advertising in them?

This is brilliant because:

  1. Consumers can’t avoid it. (You have to fill it out, otherwise the computer won’t accept your form submission.)
  2. Not only do consumers see the ad, but they also have to interact with the ad. (They might have to quote a text about the ad, or name the brand, etc. They literally can’t miss it.)
  3. It almost gives the brands a little extra character. (Showing that they support anti-spam efforts.)

Unfortunately, I really haven’t seen them that often. But I think they might be on the rise. Here’s another example for you!

advertising in captchas
Found here Marketing With Meaning

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