I really like this commercial for the iPhone. I normally don’t find commercials to be very effective forms of advertising, at least not on myself. However, I think this ad does a great job. It starts out by setting the scene of someone taking a picture. Then for the entire commercial, we go through many different scenes of people taking pictures and capturing special moments in life. There is some soft, emotional music in the background. We see parents, kids, grandparents, young adults… everyone… using an iPhone to capture special memories in their life. Apple subtly even shows some features of the iPhone camera in this ad. If you look closely, you’ll notice that you can see the grid box and the zoom, making the camera appear to be very professional. We see people laughing and enjoying life, with their iPhone.

Even at the end of the ad, Apple doesn’t say, “Now go get an iPhone from us.” But instead they imply that so many of the pictures that are taken each day are taken on an iPhone. This implies that everyone is using an iPhone camera, therefore it must be the best way to capture photos. I think this ad is very effective, because even though I already have an iPhone, this moves me to want to take more pictures with my iPhone. This makes me want to capture more moments in life using my iPhone camera. It makes me feel happy and adventurous and sentimental, while showing me a tool (the iPhone camera) that can help me tap into all of those emotions and cherish them. I especially love the music in this ad… I keep playing the ad in the background while I type this, just because I find the music so beautiful and inspiring. You know you’ve made a good ad when people want to keep playing it over and over again for one or more of the elements involved in it.

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