“CrossFit is like the total opposite of Fight Club. The first rule of CrossFit is that you MUST talk about it ALL THE TIME. And the second rule is that you have to check in on Facebook. Every single time.”
-CrossFitter Hater Found On YouTube (but also a truth teller)

As a recently converted CrossFitter, I thought it would be appropriate to make a list of reasons that one should join CrossFit. After all, my friends are probably tired of hearing me talk about it, so that means it’s probably time to head over to my potentially nonexistent blog readers.

crossfit 3

If you’ve been thinking about doing CrossFit, then here are some of my reflections about why you should do CrossFit. Hopefully they’ll give you some guidance.

You’ll finally understand all the CrossFit spoof videos.

You can watch hours and hours of videos that make fun of CrossFit, and you’ll actually get what they’re saying, and it will be hilarious.

It’s incredibly efficient.

You’ll get more of a workout in an hour than you would in most other workouts that might take even longer than an hour. You go hella hard for about 30 minutes…. and that’s it. The total workout doesn’t last more than an hour, and usually about half of that is rest time anyways. Wouldn’t you like to be able to work out for less than an hour a day and still see great results?

Get your swole on.

I might not be able to pronounce the word “swole” quite right, but even though I’ve only been doing CrossFit for about two months now, I think I’m already seeing some results. Nope, I won’t be entering any bodybuilding competitions yet, but I can carry more groceries than I used to, so that’s a huge plus.

You get to brag about pain.

Most people don’t enjoy pain, but in CrossFit, you wear pain as a badge. It’s like a special honor to have bruises on your shoulders or calluses on your hands from a good workout. You’ll constantly feel sore, but it’s what makes you cool. Especially when you say you’re sore because you just hit a new PR (personal record).

crossfit 1

It’s a competition. Against yourself. Or someone else. Or everyone else.

The workouts are set up with some competitive element. Either you want to do the workout in the fastest time, or you want to do the most reps. You can compete against others in your class, or you can compete against yourself. Personally, I’m still at the stage where I’m working on actually making it through the workouts. If I’ve made it through them and only had to scale part of it, then it’s a good day.

Speaking of scaling…

This might be the best part about CrossFit. My 5′ 2″ self can be part of the same workout that a 250 pound body builder does. How is that possible? It’s called scaling, and while there’s the same “prescribed” workout for everyone, everything can be modified or scaled so that it’s doable for any person (whether it’s less weight or a different type of exercise). And don’t worry- your coaches won’t let you off the hook with something too easy for you. They’re great at finding something challenging but doable for you. I’ve never left a workout feeling like I had a lot more left in me because I went too easy on myself.

You’ll feel inspired to a whole new lifestyle.

It’s kind of like CrossFit inspires a whole new lifestyle for you. You figure since you’re working out, you might as well eat better. And since you’re eating better, you might as well drink more water while you’re at it. And since you’re drinking more water, it better be the right kind of water. And since you’re working harder, you’re going to want to get more sleep at night. And hey maybe waking up at 5:30 to go workout before work isn’t such a bad idea after all.

You’ll also feel like a badass.

I feel like I’ve become a much braver person and I’m not as scared of doing something out of my comfort zone or exerting myself physically. Unfortunately CrossFit has yet to rid me of my fear of needles and shots and doctors, but maybe there’s a special WOD for that.

You’ll become cultured.

I say you’ll become cultured, because I mean “you’ll learn a new language”. And by new language, I mean you’ll start speaking in CrossFit. You’ll reference a WOD, and a PR, and a wallball, and a clean, and you might explain things in terms of EMOM or AMRAP. And if you mention them in casual conversation to someone who doesn’t know what you’re talking about, you’ll be happy to explain it. Because you get to talk more about CrossFit.

I could keep going, because I really do think I’ve learned a lot from CrossFit. And while this post was partially meant to be somewhat humorous, I really do like CrossFit and I’m glad that I get to do it.

Alright, last meme. This might be my favorite.

crossfit 2

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