These past couple of weeks have been quite busy. I got back from DC, worked and studied, planned to go camping (but the weather was bad, so we didn’t), cooked some awesome food, and then turned around and went on a week long southern road trip adventure. Like I said, a lot has happened, so I’ll just update you piece by piece here. We’ll start with the food.

cajun chicken pasta

Ohhhhh the food. I became a bit of a foodie last week before I went on vacation. I found a recipe on my sister’s Pinterest board for Cajun Chicken Pasta, so I made that for dinner. And it was excellent. Definitely going to be making that again. Everyone loved it. It wasn’t ridiculously difficult to make, which is a huge plus. Here’s a pic.

Btw- if you’re on Pinterest and want to find the recipes of successful things I’ve cooked, check out my board here!

The next day, I got adventurous and made Oreo cheesecake bites. These were also wonderful. A little more work to make than I originally thought, but they were amazing. You can also find them on my “I Made It” board.

The Adventure

At 3:30 on Wednesday, June 25th, I embarked on an adventure to the south. I returned from this adventure at 12:45 on Wednesday, July 2. Here is a quick summary of what happened in that one week:

  • I was in 4 states.
  • I spent a total of 33 hours in the car.
  • I was in the car for a total of 1,837 miles.
  • I visited 5 different cities.
  • I drove all the way from Williamsburg to Johnson City and then to Mountain City, without a GPS.

Now for a little more detail… I started out with a visit to Johnson City to see one of my best friends. I spent the night and part of the next day there, met with my law professor, and then I headed to see Stephen for his birthday in Mountain City. The next day, we headed up to Lexington, KY, to work on his new condo. And by “work”, I mean I got to go shopping and pick stuff out for it while he and his grandfather installed everything. During this weekend, I visited Lowe’s a grand total of 8 times. Lowe’s even tweeted me. Now that’s social media management well done.


The condo looks great now, and I think Stephen is excited about it, so that’s good. Here are a couple of pics!!

After the weekend, we came back to Mountain City. The next day we made a trip to Boone, NC, to run some errands, and to see 22 Jump Street, which was awesome. The next morning we drove all the way to Knoxville for my dentist appointment, then came back to Mountain City. The next morning, I drove back to the Burg.

I leave Thursday for my next adventure. And now for a quick update on the LSAT.


If I’ve ever talked to you about what a logic game on the LSAT looks like, then you either said, “Ew that sounds gross.” or “Ohhhh!! That just looks like a puzzle! That actually sounds fun!” Yes. Well. Last night, a couple people responded with the latter. So, I told them to try it. Thirty minutes later, with four minds engaged, we were still stuck on one problem.

So…. let’s just say the LSAT studying is a slow, but forward moving, adventure. On a more exciting note, my accounting studying is actually going pretty well! I’m surprised how much has come back to me, and it’s been pretty enjoyable for the most part.

Unfortunately, the whole learning how to program thing hasn’t really worked out this summer. After a day of work, I’ll sometimes make dinner, or I’ll do laundry, and either way I end up studying for LSAT and/or accounting, and by that point I’m mentally exhausted. Maybe I tried to do too much this summer. I’m also disappointed in how little reading I’ve done. But we’ve still got another month of summer, so here’s to the last little bit of summer and making it the best, most productive, and most fun yet. Stay tuned.


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