So for those of you who may not know, Washington, D.C., is probably my second favorite city in the United States (just falls slightly behind Los Angeles on my list of favorites). I had the privilege of going up there for a couple of days to visit my mom and sister as they were up there for National History Day competition. Here’s a little recap of the adventure.

The adventure started with a poor set of directions from Google Maps. Long story short, those didn’t work very well (as in, the road they told me to take was not an option), so I had to ditch those. I figured I’d give the GPS a shot. It’s my boyfriend’s old GPS, so I was afraid to trust it too much because roads change. Sure enough, it got me right outside of DC, then was really confused about where to go after that. Thankfully, Siri saved the day and got me to the hotel. I grabbed some pizza at a nice pizza place I found near the hotel, and had some Roma Pizza and something that looked like a cinnamon roll, but with nutella inside. After meeting my mom and sister at the hotel, we came up with a plan for the next day and relaxed/worked (of course mom was the one working). I also learned how to make coffee in a coffee maker. Sort-of learned. It was a bit of a failed experiment (as pictured below).

coffee fail

The next day (Tuesday) was a day full of adventure.

We started out at the Holocaust Museum (been there multiple times before) and checked out some of the exhibits outside the permanent exhibit (we didn’t feel like waiting in line for tickets). Then we went to the Air and Space Museum, where Amy was most unimpressed. While walking through she told me that she didn’t really like space. A few minutes later, she said she didn’t really care about planes and aviation. I had to break it to her that the museum we were in was actually called the “Air and Space” museum and that all of the things in here related to both of those. Our next stop was the Art Gallery. We had a bit more luck here. Amy seemed to be a little more amused by the paintings as we saw some Da Vinci, Titian, Gorgione, Raphael, and some other famous people whose names I probably should remember.

The next stop was the Newseum. If you only get one day in DC, and if you can only do a couple of things, then this museum should definitely make the list. I’ve been here three times now, and each time has been a blast.

First, you walk in to find a massive television. (I bet I’m the only one of my friends was able to admire a few minutes of the World Cup on a screen of this size.)newseum tv

Besides the cool exhibits with great facts about communication and journalism and interesting stories over the years, the museum has a ton of interactive stuff and fun things to do, such as stand six stories high over the city.
washington dc

anchor at newseum
I’m not crazy about journalism, but I do enjoy communication. And this museum is like a party for people who enjoy communication, particularly communication and technology. I’ve never seen any museum with such a great use of interactive technology. In fact, they have an entire room that’s basically like a giant touch screen that really lets you interact with news and communication in various ways. I also got to be a news anchor (my little sister has the video of that, and I’m quite okay with no one else ever seeing that).

We then made a pitstop at the museum of Natural History, which Amy appeared even less amused with than the Air and Space Museum. Then we started walking towards dinner, with a quick stop by the IRS building. After doing taxes for three and half months, I decided to take an obligatory picture next to the IRS sign.
IRS Building

After dinner in the Reagan Building/International Trade Center, we started on a trek to do the memorials. Luckily, I found my commentary notes in an email, so I was able to spurt out fun facts and trivia and each of the memorials. It was just like the good old days (except I got to go to bed before midnight, and sleep in past 7 am the next morning.) I think the Lincoln Memorial is one of the prettier ones, particularly with the sun behind it.

lincoln memorial

After the memorials we came back and I fell asleep after making a plan for the next day. All of the above happened in one day! Of all the days I spent in DC, that was probably one of the more packed ones. And it was great.

On Wednesday, we slept in a bit and then headed out to the Crime and Punishment Museum. I also highly recommend this museum. I’d never been before. It was pretty cool though. Lots of fun facts. I learned Hugh Grant wasn’t the man I thought he was. šŸ˜¦

hugh grant

We stopped for lunch at Nandos, and then headed to the International Spy Museum. This one is fun, and if you can do it, then go for it. But if you had to choose between activities, this might not be my first choice. I really did have fun here, though. I assumed a new identity – my name was Angelina Francone. I was a 21 year old female travel agent from Marino, Italy, on my way to Hanoi, Vietnam on a business trip.

After the spy museum, we went to Starbucks and shopping! Forever21 and H&M were all my mom could handle. Then we headed back to the hotel, went for a swim, and went to Potbelly’s for dinner. Then we said our goodbyes, and I headed out the city. (I’d like to note I consulted Siri from the start and made it outside of the city much faster than I made it in.)

All in all, it was a great time. I love Washington, and I’d be quite happy living there one day I think. I am really thankful for the time I got to spend up there two summers ago.

PS – Total miles for the adventure: 340 driving miles… not sure how to calculate the walking ones.

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