The Brittany-cooking-dinner life around here is always an adventure. The egg and bacon pie turned out well, then there was the chicken fettucine. Unfortunately, there were no pictures taken that night. The food tasted great. (It was a little thicker than I personally would have preferred, but other than that, it was almost on par with Olive Garden… even if I do say so myself.) However, it took so long to make. And to clean up. There were two of us working on it together, and it took us both close to three hours of constant effort from start to finish. So definitely not planning to make that again on a busy night.

The other night I made Pizza Casserole. Which actually did turn out really well and didn’t take the entire evening.
Here’s a pic.

pizza casserole

I wasn’t particularly a fan of the mozzerella cheese, but besides that, it was great. Probably not the healthiest dish, but hey, when you gotta splurge, you splurge, right?

My cooking adventures have been going pretty well, but I haven’t done so well at keeping up with all of my other goals and plans for the summer. I don’t think I’m really doing a good job of understanding how summer is supposed to work. I think I might actually be more exhausted than I was during the school year. I know this coming school year is going to be equally exhausting, so I should probably work on this whole “relax and take a break” thing.

That being said, I’m going to have to cut back on some of my online classes. Currently enrolled in four. I think I’m going to make myself pick one.

I’m going to have to stop beating myself up for sleeping in past 8:30 in the mornings.

On that note, I think I’m going to put my books and computer down and go for a nice walk outside while the sun is shining.

Oh. PS- For some reason I always seemed to think that the more money you make, the more you can save! It makes sense right? False. It’s very false. The truth is, the more money you make, the more you spend. I’m a pretty frugal person. But it’s like things just come out of the woodworks and are like “you have to spend money on meeeeee”. Not even fun things!! Do you know how much taxes are?? Anyways. I think I might actually write a blog post about this soon. So stay tuned for more info.

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