This probably will not be my most eloquent and well-worded blog post, as I’m kind of tired. I’m also writing this without a specific pattern of thought… so it will end up being mostly a chronological account along with some pictures sprinkled about. Enjoy.

Until about 4 days ago, I’d never been to Charlotte, NC. Thankfully, that’s now changed, because Charlotte, NC, is AWESOME. I went with Corinne for a couple of days to see our lovely best friend, Keara Palpant (a faithful reader of this blog, right Keara? 🙂 ). And it really was wonderful adventure. Here’s some photographic proof.

Firstly, we’ve got this bridge. This isn’t actually in Charlotte. Corinne and I crossed this on our way to Charlotte from Williamsburg. We’d never been in that area before and all of the sudden we were like “Where exactly are we?” With some quick map skills, we quickly found where we were, which is actually around Chesterfield, VA. Unfortunately, it’s near Petersburg, VA, which Corinne and I are not a fan of. Probably my least favorite place I’ve ever been to in the United States. Maybe I’m making harsh judgments. It did have 11 car detailing places within a 5 minute drive (at 35 mph- i’ll let you do the math on how many miles that is if you’re interested). The rest of the drive was pretty great, minus a few times when I didn’t understand the GPS (or Corinne) and got us lost.

We arrived in Charlotte on Wednesday night, we showered Keara with our love and hung out, I threw up a few times, and then we went to bed. Overall, a pretty fun night (minus the vomiting). The next morning, I woke up to Keara handing me a binder. (Pictured above.) I wish I could take a picture of every single page and share with everyone because it’s beautiful. Keara had planned a Parks and Rec birthday celebration for me, and it was truly wonderful. We started out the day with pancakes with whipped cream, then we were going to go to a beach (that was also a national park), but the weather wasn’t being very predictable. So we adventured into Charlotte to visit an awesome museum called Discovery Place. Honestly, I think I learned more about science there than I have in both of my sciences classes in college. And it was a heck of a lot more fun. Here’s a couple more pictures. I built the Jeanes Hall of the Milligan Village out of blocks, stood next to the Eiffel Tower, and this cool science guy made the stairs do this. We also saw a really cool 3-D penguin movie (you can see that in the picture above).
block village

block eiffel tower

discovery place

After the museum, we walked around Charlotte for a bit attempting to find a Verizon store. Siri lied to us about the location of one, so we gave up and decided to head back home for some food. We got home and ordered a pizza (aka- Gangsta Bread, as it is called by Tom Haverford in Parks and Rec). We built the pizza ourselves- chicken, spinach, and cheese. It was amazing. The fries we ordered were pretty great, as well. If you’re ever visiting Charlotte, I highly recommend stopping at Fuel for some Gangsta Bread. But you might need to call it Pizza.

We ended the night by watching 21 Jump Street and Gravity. 21 Jump Street is a great movie, which I highly recommend. (Also, 22 Jump Street is coming out soon, and I have a feeling it’s going to be great.) However, if you haven’t already seen Gravity, I wouldn’t waste my time with it. I was expecting it to be better, but I was a little disappointed. I think I was more stressed than Sandra Bullock was about her situation. I’m not going to give away the story, in case you want to watch it, but it’s basically one of those “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” movies. So just prepare yourself for that.

The next day we ran some errands and did a little shopping. We also got some coffee and donuts, because it was National Donut Day! And because we love coffee. Keara had to go to work later in the afternoon, so Corinne read a book, and I studied some accounting and a little bit of programming. We later went to visit Keara at work at Crispy Crepe. Seriously- one of the best crepes I’ve ever eaten. Corinne and I split a strawberry Nutella one, and it was beautiful. Corinne continued to read and continued to study, until Keara got off work, then we went home and watched Safety Not Guaranteed. Not a bad movie, but not particularly amazing. I think also fell asleep for a few minutes, so you might discredit my opinion.

Saturday, Keara had to work, so Corinne and I slept in and worked on stuff. Then in the afternoon we picked up Leiza (Keara’s sister) from the airport! Then we went out to dinner at Tupelo (great mac and cheese and sweet potato fries), went to church at Elevation (it’s a big church that has a lot of different campuses in Charlotte), and went to see the Fault in Our Stars (a very sad movie, but I also highly recommend it).

And that brings us to Sunday, which is today. This morning Corinne and I said goodbye to Keara when she went to work, then we slept for a bit more and hit the road to head back home. We stopped in Cary, NC, to see Shannon’s (one of my friends at school) awesome family for lunch, then drove back to the Burg (this is what I call Williamsburg… I think I’m the only one).

And that was my awesome Charlotte adventure. Great times. Next adventure? Washington, D.C., a week from tomorrow. Stay tuned for more, folks.

PS- Here’s a couple pictures of the city.
charlotte night

NASCAR Hall of Fame

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