*This is a blog post that I am writing for an assignment in my Advertising class. The assignment was to analyze types of sponsorship.*

Sports Marketing

This is when a company pays money for a certain event or athlete. This is most popular in golf and motorsports, such as NASCAR. A company pays a certain amount in cash or provides a tangible good for an athlete (such as a golf ball or a beverage for a driver), and the benefits it receives can vary. It can be as small as a sticker on the car or a patch on the uniform (for exposure), or even include a celebrity endorsement from the athlete.

See the companies listed on Kasey Kahne’s uniform. These are all sponsors that either pay him money or offer products/services to support his team.
kasey kahne
See the picture and article here.


This is when a company sponsors a certain event, like a concert, attraction, or theme park. A company can receive exposure at the concert and might encourage the fans of those who attend the concert to also support the business. However, I would also include television shows/movies under this category, as well.

It appears that Windows sponsored NBC’s Parks and Rec television show, because throughout the show, you often see the characters using Windows products, as seen in this picture below.
parks and rec
Windows Phones and Tablets Featured In Parks And Rec


This is an effective way for a company to gain positive exposure among their potential customers. A company can sponsor a specific cause or organization financially or with products. This shows the company is socially responsible and caring for others.


This is when companies sponsor symphony orchestras, chamber music groups, art museums, and theater companies. This is a less popular sponsorship idea.

Festivals/Fairs/Annual Events

This seems kind of similar to the entertainment type of sponsorship. I think they are very similar.

Associations and Membership Organizations

This also used to be under festivals/fairs/annual events, because most organizations sponsor these events.

Venue Marketing

This is when a company sponsors a certain location for events (such as a stadium, arena, auditorium, or racetrack). This is a great investment because a company can increase its popularity by attracting the attention of everyone who attends the venue over its existence.

Wrigley Field! It’s a baseball stadium. Very famous, and one cannot think about the Cubs’ stadium without thinking about Wrigley.
wrigley field
Learn more about Wrigley Field here.


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