*This is a blog post that I am writing for an assignment in my Advertising class. The assignment was to analyze outdoor advertisements that we found.*

I tried to intentionally pay attention to the outdoor ads when I was in the car the other day, and here are a couple of the outdoor ads that stood out to me.

Political Campaign Signs

political signs
Sorry that the picture is so poor. It might be harder to get good pictures while riding in the car, than while driving! The point is that this is an advertisement. We often don’t really think much about these little yard signs (although the one in the middle is actually quite large). However, these send messages about who people support. I remember as a child I used to count the signs on the road during election time so I could see who was “more popular”. The older I get, the less attention I give to those signs, though. I hardly notice them anymore. They all look the same really. They’re patriotic colors (red and blue) and they have that “classy” font. So I guess it depends. The more you see by the same person, the more they are in your mind. But you have to notice them first. If I were to design these signs, I would make them stand out so much that they were almost obnoxious looking, just so people would notice them, and notice them everywhere.

Interstate Signs

interstate sign

Once again, this is something that some people might not consider an outdoor advertisement right away, but it is! Although it’s a sign for lodging, it made me think of the restaurant signs, which are a great example of outdoor ads. Apparently, restaurants (and other businesses) actually have to pay the government a fee to be on those signs, as well as meet certain requirements (such as being open at certain times and being within a certain distance from the interstate). This is very much an advertisement! It’s also a useful advertisement, because when I travel, these signs help me make decisions. Anyone who has ever been on a road trip and either 1) been hungry, or 2) played the alphabet game, has noticed these signs. They are advertisements that people not only welcome, but intentionally look for! It’s a perfect ad, because you are targeting the right people (hungry travelers) and they don’t have much else to distract them.

The Dynamic Billboard of Johnson City

dynamic billboard
This outdoor advertisement is really cool, because it lights up at night! It’s also cool because I look at it every single time I pass it. I don’t always look at billboards, especially when I’m traveling familiar routes, because I’ve seen them all before. But I always check out this billboard because it’s flashy so it catches my attention. Also, it provides useful information (like fun facts and weather information). Even though I look at the ads and some of them are ones that I have seen before, I still check in case there’s something new, and because I want to know if it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Although these types of ads are more expensive, I think it’s a great investment because people don’t ignore them as easily. They see it and normally keep an eye on it as it flashes through everything until they drive past it.


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