*This is a blog post that I am writing for an assignment in my Advertising class. The assignment was to analyze an online ad and make assumptions about the target market, based off of the ad.*

gatorade always wins ad

Broadly speaking, I believe this ad is targeted to competitive athletes who are concerned about staying hydrated and healthy in order to achieve their maximum performance potential. Although the ad shows a track, I don’t believe it is solely targeted to just field and track athletes. Although they are included and emphasized in this ad, it also has appeal to other athletes, as well. Gatorade has launched similar ads featuring other sports.

Behaviorally, I believe this ad targets “real” athletes- not just people who “work out” or casually play a game of basketball or soccer every now and then. This ad is targeted to people who people who buy drinks to stay hydrated while they practice and play their sport frequently. The ideal target will buy this drink regularly and use on a near daily basis. These people also are concerned about hydration while they play. The copy in the bottom right corner explains what exactly Gatorade does and how it will help the athlete perform.

The demographics of this target likely include high school and college athletes, between the ages of 14 – 24. Both males and females are included in the target. The income level of the target market is likely to include anyone who can afford to play sports, as Gatorade is not an expensive luxury drink, but does cost more than water. Education level is probably not targeted, as the ad does not specify any sort of specific education, but once again, the ad is probably targeted to those in school playing.

The geographic target is probably irrelevant, as Gatorade is an international product. According to an article by Forbes, “Gatorade commands 46% of the worldwide sports drink market”. This ad does not specifically “discriminate” a geographic target, however, it is written in English, so it likely was meant for the United States, Australia, Canada, the UK, or other English speaking countries.

The psychographics of this target market are what stand out to me. This ad screams “competitive”. The copy that says “Gatorade always wins” appeals to the target of athletes who want to win. Although we all know that drinking a certain drink cannot drastically change your performance, no one can deny that looking at this ad almost inspires you a little bit, even if you’re not an athlete. It makes you feel like you have a bit of an edge. It’s almost like that pregame talk, except it’s from a bottle of Gatorade. The water rushing makes you feel like you are moving in the ad. Also, the colors are so bold and intensify the experience, making you want to compete and win.

Forbes: Gatorade


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