*This is a blog post that I am writing for an assignment in my Advertising class. The assignment was to analyze an advertising slogan.*

bmw 2

My dad is a huge fan of BMWs. Although he owned one years ago, he had to get another car about ten years ago. About three years ago, he was able to get another BMW which he now drives today and loves it. Although I’ve never been much of one for “fancy cars” (I’d prefer a nicer house or traveling or other expensive things to spend my discretionary income on), I’ve grown to like the idea of nicer cars over the past few years, especially while being in college. As I’ve never had my own car, I have experience bumming rides off of people so I have ridden in many different types of vehicles. Sometimes when I ride in a car, I think about the experience. After all, once you realize that a car is not a product, but rather an experience, you can see how marketing a vehicle can be such an emotional process.

For my slogan today, I chose BMW’s slogan, which is “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. I like this slogan because it appeals to the experience of driving, and not just the product. If the car was a product, then BMW could boast about the high quality parts, or the speed, or the sleek design of the car. But instead they choose a phrase that refers to what you actually do with the car- driving. Then, they go on to explain to you that this vehicle, or machine, is the best. BMWs are not nice cars. They’re not luxury vehicles. They’re not better than Mercedes. They are the ultimate driving machine. Why would you want anything else?

In the ad below, you see the phrase “Who says you can’t have it all?” next to the BMW. This implies that BMW is not just better than everyone else. It’s not just made of high quality products. It’s not just crafted together by professionals. It’s not just a wonderful car to drive. It’s the best. It’s all you’d ever need or want in a car. It’s The Ultimate Driving Machine. At the bottom of the same ad, you see the slogan, confirming that this vehicle will give you the best experience every time.
bmw 3

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