*This is a blog post that I am writing for an assignment in my Advertising class. The assignment was to analyze my living space and the types of brands around me.*

Although I’ve never struck myself as much of a name brand kind of person, I realize that I am surrounded by brands. For a class assignment, I am to write a blog post analyzing my living space and some of the brands I am surrounded by. To start, let me explain my living space. I live in Hart Hall, an underclassman dorm at my school. I don’t have my own room, but rather share it with one of my best friends. We have a lot of stuff, so I figured this assignment wouldn’t be too difficult. Our immediate living area (our dorm room) makes up our kitchen, bedroom, office, and living room.

I started by looking around my office area. Some of the brands I saw included my Asus computer, Samsung monitor, Soul by Ludcris headphones, Expo dry erase markers, and Microsoft mouse. All of these products were purchased with great consideration, including the $5 markers. As I think about each decision for the product, I realize that the more expensive the product the less advertising made a difference, and the more I counted on research and other people’s opinions. For example, when purchasing my computer, I hadn’t even seen an Asus advertisement. After my computer crashed, I researched the alternatives and asked for many opinions to make my decision. However, for something like the markers, I was afraid to choose another brand because I have always heard of Expo brand markers and seen their ads. This made me assume many people used them, therefore, they were probably great markers.


Looking at my clothing and shoes, I realize that I don’t actually have much brand preference when it comes to “fashion”. I couldn’t actually tell you the name of the brand of most of my outfits. Although I’ve seen plenty of advertisements for clothing and shoes, they clearly haven’t had a huge impact on me. However, I am a little more picky about my brands of lotion and body spray, as I only use Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. This could be a result of their ads, which promote their awesome sales. I also have Colgate toothpaste, mouthwash, and a toothbrush, which was mostly intentional, as I wanted to have the same brand for consistency. I also analyzed my sports gear. I have a Rossignol snowboard, Burton helmet, K2 snowboarding jacket, Roxy snowboarding boots, Spalding basketball, and a Wilson football. All of these are name brands and I very much wanted those brands. Ads could have affected these purchases because the way these brands are portrayed made me feel like they were “legit”. I didn’t want just any snowboard; I wanted one that I knew I could be a rockstar on. I didn’t want an off-brand football. I wanted one just like the ones they play with on tv and that I see on the commercials.

Overall, I discovered that I’m surrounded by many brands that I purchased that may have had little or no ad consideration. This makes me a little sad, because as a marketer, I want to think that my marketing and advertising efforts are going to encourage people to take action and purchase a product. When I think of advertising, I can name thousands of great ads that I’ve seen, but have any of those ads ever convinced me to purchase a product, solely based off the ad? While the answer to that may be “no”, I think ads have prompted to me to investigate certain brands and purchases and have caused me to trust them more (such as with the Expo markers). The category of the product also plays a role in how much attention I pay to advertising.


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