I realized that I spend so much time blogging for other companies, it almost sort of sometimes takes the fun out of blogging and has caused me to spend less time on my own blog, which is probably not a good thing. So I figured while I have a little bit of time to relax and breathe for the moment, I might as well post on here and let my thousands of readers know alive. LOLZ.

If you have a couple hours and are bored and want to be inspired and do well in your life, you should watch this video. It’s by Jim Rohn and it’s his lecture “Best Life Ever”. I watched it over the summer, and am working my way through rewatching it now. I think I’m going to aim to watch it every quarter this year. It’s really interesting to hear his view on being successful in life. I’m pretty sure he’s a Christian, and he has a lot of great ideas. But really- the video is almost 5 hours long. So make sure to break it down, or be prepared to sit down for a while.


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