long distance friendships
In just a few days, my best friend is going to Burkina Faso. That’s in Africa. Meanwhile, I’m in the United States, which is not in Africa. In fact, it’s pretty far away from it actually. I know that she’s doing what she knows is right and following her heart and dreams to help people in Africa. That being said, I’m kinda sad about knowing I won’t be able to talk to Keara and hear her lovely voice for 5 weeks. But just like she always says… it’ll be okay. So here’s a quick post on how to prepare for your best friend to go to Africa. Just in case anyone else was wondering the best way to handle this.

Call Her Every Single Day While You’re Bored In the Car

….Even though she doesn’t answer her phone. :p

Think About the Good Stuff She’s Doing

She may be leaving me for five weeks, but she’s helping take care of kids in Africa.

Record Voice Memos

This is only for the extreme best friend. If you really, really love your best friend, you could record voice memos and send them to her (or him i guess?) and then they can save them on their computer and listen to your lovely little voice while they’re in Africa.

Make Sure She Knows You Love Her

(Hence the voicemails and voice memos.)

Write a Blog Post About How To Cope With It

Ha. ha. Why does it help? It just does.

Eat Chocolate

I don’t know. Chocolate just makes everything better.

Pray. Really Hard

Yeah. That’s about all I can think of to prepare. Then, I guess you just gotta go with it. Good luck, Keara Joy Palpant. I love you more than you’ll ever know and I can’t wait til you get back from Burkina Faso and tell us about all your awesome stories and adventures. Meanwhile, I’ll be thinking about you and praying for you all the time. And I’ll be missing you with all my heart.

me and keara


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