Tonight is the Season Finale (and last ever finale) of the Office, my favorite tv show. I can’t think of another show that I have watched religiously for 9 seasons. I am attached to that show and those characters more than I am to some things in real life, and it actually makes me a little sad to think that ater tonight it’s all over. But alas. I won’t cry just yet. Instead, I decided to write a blog post about things I have learned from the Office.

You Never Know What Kind of People Will Grow On You

It’s actually a wonder that I ever made it through all 9 seasons of the office. I never used to watch a couple of random episodes and I never really got into it, then I decided to start from the Pilot and watch chronologically. And you know what? I hated it. I hated the characters. Michael Scott was SO ANNOYING! Creed was a creep. Toby was just boring. Meredith was disgusting. Dwight was…. weird and mean. (Best way to describe him.) Angela was a snob. Kevin was stupid. Phyllis was just…. there. Stanley was a jerk. Everyone was lazy and hated going to work. I really disliked all of the characters. Jim and Pam were the only ones that I could kind of relate to. But the more I kept watching, the more all the characters grew on me. Six seasons later when Michael Scott left, I bawled my eyes out. I still cry whenever I watch that episode! Creed is still a creep, but somehow, I just couldn’t imagine the show without him. Stanley? Yeah he was tough. But he’s really a lovable man once you get to know him. And I guess that’s what I learned from the Office. You never know what kind of people will grow on you if you stick with them. You can grow to love and even become attached to even the most annoying or weirdest people on the planet.

No Matter How Boring Your Job, Your Coworkers Can Make It

Seriously- imagine working at a place that makes and sells paper. I love business and marketing and sales and accounting, but I’m pretty sure even I would have been bored of going to work at Dunder Mifflin. But Jim made fun by playing with Dwight. Or rather, playing tricks on Dwight. Oscar even found ways to amuse himself. Michael Scott sure made the place entertaining.

Never Give Up On Love

Yeah yeah I know. This is cheesy. But seriously, Jim and Pam are the cutest story ever. And I’m not just talking about the first few seasons when they fall in love. In season 9 when Jim is in Philly, they have some marriage problems, and I was actually a little worried that they were going to get a divorce. Things were just pretty bad. But Jim kept pursuing Pam and he basically gave up on his dream job in Philly so he could stay with Pam. And they fall in love all over again. It’s so presh.
And hopefully you’re caught up, cuz this is a big spoiler, but I KNEW ANGELA AND DWIGHT WERE GOING TO GET TOGETHER. I knew it I knew it I knew it. For all 9 seasons, they both fell in love with each other at the wrong time. And finally yes. I also knew that Phillip was Dwight’s son!! I totally knew it. It threw me off so bad when Dwight had him tested and said he wasn’t his kid. Boom. Alright. Enough about all that.

You Gotta Be A Little Crazy To Do Well In Sales

Crazy as Michael Scott was… he seriously was a good salesman. And Andy followed right in his footsteps!!

Okay. That’s the main stuff. I’ve learned a lot of other little things along the way. But those are the main things. And those are the things I’m going to miss the most. So yeah. Cheers to the Office. And for everyone who’s planning to watch tonight? I’ll be right there with you. But behind my own TV of course.


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