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The other day, I realized just how lucky I am. I love to travel, and this year I have gotten the opportunity to go to several great places… and this year isn’t even over. Hopefully I’ll still be going to places like France, Switzerland, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. (again). And I am thoroughly excited about all this! So I realized that I should probably document my adventures, because I am sure they will be awesome.

So here’s a quick blog post about my most recent adventure. This past Sunday, me and one of my best friends (Corinne) went to South Caroline to watch one of our best friends (Alicen) compete in a dance competitiont! It was at Furman University, which was really cool. We got to go around the campus and see what it’s like- it’s really beautiful! Also saw a dance competition for the first time in my life. It was….. an experience. But our team did AWESOME and won! So that was cool.

I also got to meet Corinne’s best friend from back home! She’s great fun. I’ll get to hang out with her some this summer, and I’m totally looking forward to that!

Short adventure. Not much more to say. But it was great, nonetheless.


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