Sometimes, I think that I’m selfish about Christianity. I know it’s good to ask questions about your faith, and it’s okay to sometimes have some doubts. But sometimes I get so wrapped up in my faith, that I think that I have to understand everything about my faith before I can really “be a good Christian”. I spend so much time asking questions and searching for answers. But… what am I doing? One thing I do understand about Christianity is that God wants me to love Him, and love others. And while sometimes it’s hard to understand what loving Him looks like exactly, He shows me ways to love others all the time. Helping out when I can, being there when people want to talk, finding ways to get involved in my community, using my talents to make a difference, keeping my mouth shut instead of arguing about pointless things…

But it’s easy for me to get caught up in wondering why I don’t understand everything about my faith, instead of just trusting God even though I don’t have all the answers.

So this is my challenge to myself, and to anyone else who maybe feels like they’re experiencing the same thing. Let’s keep searching for answers to our questions. Keep asking God for more faith to believe. But let’s not just sit and look at ourselves and our questions. Lets’s keep moving forward, even when we don’t understand everything, and just keep serving and loving others.


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