Anyone who knows me knows that my music style is defined as “whatever-comes-on-the-radio”. However, my boyfriend recently introduced me to a band called Yellowcard, and at first I was like eh sure I’ll give ’em a listen for the heck of it. And just because I love my boyfriend, I might even try to like them a little bit. So I put some of their music on my iPod, and started listening and realized that there was no way I was going to “try to like them”. Why? Because I fell in love with them… without even trying. In fact, after listening through their stuff, I bought their latest album. When was the last time I bought an album (not just a song, but a whole album) off of iTunes? I don’t actually think I ever have. So here I am, going to tell you about a few of my favorite lines from Yellowcard. Not that the lines are always the best part… the music is incredible.


I actually like this whole song because I can kind of relate to it in some ways. Basically, what I get from it is that the guy is trying to cope with his past. It was messed up, and he’s not even sure why he cares about the person who hurt him, but he does, and always will, and he’s not going to let the hurt take over him.

Here I Am Alive

  • “If I could write to the kid I was before, I’d tell him you’ll et everything you ever wanted, but you will still want more.”
  • “Someone’s gonna tell you who you should wanna be, so you’ll forget the vision that they didn’t wanna see.”
  • “If I could write to myself when I was on top of it all, I’d say you’re going overboard
    and when you’re falling you’re gonna feel so small.”

  • “They say you don’t grow up, you just grow old. It’s safe to say I haven’t done both. I’ve made mistakes, I know, I know. But here I am alive.”

Surface of the Sun

We were born to be the ones to show the faithless what we’ve done. And there’s a fire inside. It burns like the surface of the sun.


You were inspiration when no one else believed. You showed me strength in my skin that no one else could see… my only hope, you’re my telescope.


This song is just really cute. Sad, but cute… it’s about a miscarriage. The artist is wondering about what things would have been like if the child had survived.

Southern Air

This southern air is all I need. Breathe it in and I can see canvasses behind my eyes. All the colors of my life. This southern air is in my lungs. It’s in every word I’ve sung. It seems the only truth I know. This will always be my home.


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