One way to look at mono is the privilege of being able to sit in bed all day and watch movies. Since the sore throats, night sweats, headaches, and overall tiredness of mono has taken enough from me, I’ve decided to enjoy a few of these benefits of sitting in bed all day, while watching movies. I plan to watch several movies and tv shows and to talk about anything I get from them here. First of all, I just finished watching Life in A Day , which is basically a documentary about what goes on in a day around the world. Some filmmakers collected videos all shot on July 24, 2010, and put them into one video. I was a little skeptical at first and thought it could be boring, but honestly, it was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed it. Besides seeing a giraffe give birth- that was a bit more than I wanted to see (warning- I’m not entirely sure what this is rated, but there are a few parts in there that will potentially make you cringe). It was interesting to see what people all over the world go through in a day. I realized that no matter where people are or what kind of life they live, we all have similar feelings. We all do similar things. We care about the people in our lives and want to be with them and protect them and help them. It also showed how the little things in each day… the things we take for granted… are really cool parts of our day. I also found amazing this one guy who is from Korea (he didn’t specify whether North or South because he strongly desires them to be unified) who has decided to bike around the world. He’s been gone for 9 years. I thought that was incredible.

Anyways. On to my next movie/tv show/book… must consult my list.


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