I’m just now getting the chance to blog. My freshman year is OVER. Gone. Done. That was fast. So much has happened, there’s no way I can even talk all about it in one blog post. So, I will save another time to address all of that. Right now, I am training for my summer job, which is a program assistant for a national 4-H program. I’m actually living in Washington, D.C.! Okay… i’m living a mile from the border. And I’m an official DC Tour guide! As I will be giving tours as part of my job this summer. I’m super excited! Training has been intense, even though I’ve only been here for a week. It’s hard. Being here is hard. But it’s actually pretty awesome, too, and I’m excited to see what God has for me. It’s hard cuz I’m kind of on my own. I’m not surrounded by a ton of Christians… or many at all. And I’ve been given a lot of freedom. I miss my friends, I miss my family. My job is pretty intense. It’s awesome though. There’s a lot to do here. It’s a cool city. Super fun. And I’m learning a lot. I’m doing a lot of growing up. Something just tells me I’m not going to go home quite the same person I was once I came here. I hope it’s a better Brittany and one that is only closer to God and more on fire for Him. Don’t worry- I’ll be blogging throughout the summer as I have time and keeping all of my non-existant readers posted 🙂


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