We have been reading Chaucer for Humanities recently and I found something really interesting in a Knight’s Tale and wanted to share it. I think this is so beautiful and it’s so true. I forget this all too often.

“Alas, why is it people so dispraise
God’s providence or Fortune and her ways,
That oft and variously in their scheme
Includes far better things than they could dream?
One man desires to have aundant wealth,
Which brings about his murder or ill-health;
Another, freed from prison as he’d willed,
Comes home, his servants catch him, and he’s killed.
Infinate are the harms that come this way;
We little know the things for which we pray.
Our wyas are drunard ways- drunk as a mouse.
A drunkard knows quite well he has a house,
But how to get there puts him in a ditherm
And for a drunk the way is slip and slither.
Such is our world indeed, and such are we.
Hoow eagerly we seek felicity,
Yet are so often wrong in what we try!”


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