After being in Switzerland for 5 days, I’ve officially decided that one day, I am going to buy a chalet here. Maybe I’ll live here year round, or maybe just come on Holidays. It gets pretty and warm here during the summer, so that would be nice. But it also is perfect snowboarding weather in the winter. It’s nice!

I want to be able to travel all around the world throughout my life. I’m not really one of those people who wants to see the whole world once and then settle at home. I’d like to travel a lot. I’m going to work hard and hopefully it will happen.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my break. It’s very nice and relaxing, even though I’m actually quite tired. I went to bed at 8:30 last night. Slept almost 12 hours. I was so tired. Snowboarding has been wearing me out. It’s so hard. It’s one thing that does NOT come naturally to me. I feel like I am horrible at it. I work hard at it, and I spend just as much time on the ground as I do riding down it. I think today I’ve finally just about mastered my turns, did a few good 360’s, and started learning Ollies.So I’m pretty happy about that. But I still feel like after 4 days, I should be doing a lot better. And spending a lot less time on the ground. :/

Either way, I’m having a blast and excited about Chinese take out tonight and Christmas tomorrow! And resting my knee. And then right back out on the slopes. It’s weird, but as bad as I feel like I am at snowboarding, I want to get good at it and I get up every time (unless I’m hurt hahah). Anything else that would frustrate me and I’d just quit. But snowboarding? For some reason, every time I fall, I’m just a little mad at myself and get right back up and try again. Each time. It’s odd. But i’ll take it. And one day I’m gonna be good! Just you watch!


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