Ok. Well I’ve only been to USA and now South Africa. But I’ve seen pictures of tons of countries, and South Africa officially tops everything I have ever seen. This place is so pretty, very scenic, has the best food I’ve EVER HAD in my ENTIRE LIFE. The people are great, the languages are cool. The roads leave a bit to be desired (only in certain parts).
But Cape Town is officially my favorite place. I want to live here.
Anyways. I can’t decide if I miss back home or not. Part of me is sooo ready to go home. I miss my bed. I miss my shower. I miss my bear. I miss my friends. But part of me doesn’t want to leave at all. I love everything here. I love travelling. Ugh.
I’m also realizing when I get home, I get to work my butt off for about 5 weeks, then leave for college and majorly work my butt of for the next 4 years.


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