I just read an absolutely amazing book called “Socialnomics”, written by Erik Qualman. This book really gives some great info about social media. Before I read this book, I was very much into social media and believed it was going to be huge. My philosophy about social media was “get on the boat or get out of the way”. I no longer think that the latter is even an option. Social media is not just huge. It’s changing the way we do everything.

I can’t go through everything I learned in the book, because it would spoil it for you. But I recommend it, because it really opened my eyes to the power of social media, even more than they had been opened before. Erik Qualman does a great job of not just making claims, but backing them up. Throughout the book there are tons of stats about social media and a list of 42 key stats in the back of the book. My favorite? If Facebook were a country, then it would be the third largest in the world, only behind China and India. Does that not tell you just how big this is? This is just one statistic. There are tons.

Erik Qualman does an amazing job of showing how big social media is and how you can get involved with it. He offers a plan for how you can use social media and respond. He explains how social media can and will impact your business. And your life in general. So, if you are looking for a book to give you the low down on social media, then I would definitely recommend “Socialnomics” by Erik Qualman.

PS- After staying up until 1 AM to finish reading this book last night, I actually tweeted Erik Qualman (@Equalman) and told him his book was amazing and that I am planning to make a video review of it. I saw this morning- he actually tweeted me back! How cool is that? He is definitely practicing what he preaches in his book. So kudos to Erik Qualman on an amazing book, and I will post the link on here once I get the video review up.

And on one final note. If you are looking for some books about specific social media platforms, check out this page on Books About Twitter.


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