Yes, this is true… in a few different ways. Actually in China and Korean countries, they count your first year as year 1… so basically I am technically 19 in China even though I am actually 18 here in the U.S. BUT… more importantly. I was saying I am 19 in China because my dad emailed me and said that it is May 25th there (he is over there right now). So…. he got to be the first in my fam to wish me happy birthday!!

And yes I am stoked. Thinking about what I was doing this time last year… it was very different than it is now. And I am so thankful for that. This has been an amazing year and I am going to miss every second of it. God has done so, so much in my heart and life and I am looking forward to see what He has for me this coming year. Nervous? Yes. Can’t lie about that. Excited? Getting there. Slowly, but surely. Have already had a great start to this summer. Been able to spend a good bit of time with some of my besties by making donuts, arguing about who has life harder (oldest or youngest), late night talks about anything and everything you can imagine, and play badminton at 11 o clock at night. Ah. This is the life.

Summer?? In my mind you officially start tomorrow, even though I’ve gotten a head start on you. But tomorrow, it’s official. Bring out the good food, fun times, and best friends. Don’t go by too fast. Leave me with tons and tons of memories and pictures. And for goodness sake… take my mind off my worries about college. And most importantly, let me remain always and only in God’s will and live each and every second for Him.


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