No, I am not going into politics. I am getting ready for my 4-H trip to State Congress, which is an annual trip where we learn about government and compete in either Public Speaking, Citizenship, or Leadership! I’ll be competing in Citizenship this year and I am VERY excited about that. I have put together a portfolio and made it as a state finalist, so now it is up to my interview. :/

I completely forgot that I had to come up with a little speech thing, so when they ask me to tell a little about myself, I don’t just draw a blank. Here’s what I came up with…

I have been in 4-H for about 5 years. I’ll admit I was not very involved at first. I had no idea what 4-H was, even though I was a member. However, after a trip to Congress a few years, I learned what 4-H was about. I understood that it wasn’t about attending meetings and learning a few things. It was about taking what I had learned and sharing that with others, about making an impact on my community, about making a difference.
4-H has taught me to take advantage of the opportunities that I am given. Last year, my goals were to try to learn as much as I could about media and communications. This year, my goals have been to share that knowledge with others.

I. Help Out At SOAR
a. Plan meetings
b. Lead meetings
c. Helped re-do kitchen cabinets
d. Helped with annual kick-off
e. Give talk about speech
f. Encourage others to come to Congress
II. Share Knowledge With Others
a. 4-H blog
b. Presentations
c. Offering help and advice to others in communications and media
III. Helping Out In My Church
a. Capulana Bag Project
b. Angel Tree Ministries
c. Habitat for Humanity
d. Thanksgiving Baskets
e. Created movies

Now I just need to add a conclusion.

Busy week!! Getting ready to leave, studying for ACT, catching up in school, spending time with the coolest grandparents on earth, and considering sleep. 🙂


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