I absolutely love travelling. Not that I’ve ever done much of it. But I’m hoping that will change. I love seeing different cultures, climates, scenery… I love meeting new people. I love hotels. I love airplanes. I love trains (even though I’ve never been on one). I love long car rides. I love packing.

I really would like to travel the whole world. Not sure if that will ever happen. But if it’s meant to be, then it will. Where would I like to go?


I want to visit every continent… in my head I have a list of must sees. I used to have an old atlas that I circled all the placed I wanted to go. But… long story. Anyways- I really want to go to Asia. Just about anywhere in Asia. China, Japan, Thailand, India. And oh Europe… France, Germany, GREAT BRITAIN!, Ireland, the Netherlands (will get to cross this one off soon!!), Moldova (kinda random, I know), Greece, Italy. South America (Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile), Africa (Ghana (don’t ask. i just do), South Africa (another one I get to cross off soon!), Mozambique, Egypt). I’d also like to hit Canada and maybe Mexico at some point. At hit the islands in the Carribean.

Ah. I love travelling.

Places I’ve been:
New Mexico
Los Angeles
New York City
Pretty much anywhere along East Coast of United States from Massachusetts to Florida.
Texas (on the way to New Mexico. But we ate lunch there, so I think that very much counts. I’d always wanted to go to Texas. And I did!)


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